web design
closeout corner

closeout corner

task: create site for a closeout type retail location.

solution: used css, html and graphics to design a clean uncluttered site that was easy to maintain. the client was able to update the product photos without assistance.

note: in 2006 the client took the site offline due to business reasons.

a product page on closeout corner the contact page on closeout corner the map page on closeout corner

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like some projects, this one started out rather simple and just kept getting more complex as we went along.

the client decided to add pages with product photos after we had discussed the scope of the project. also, we had to expand a few more pages to accomodate a map and directions.

i just took it in stride and did not stress out over it. there was no reason to. the client just was not too sure about what he wanted included and kept coming up with more "wants" as it progressed.