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rooty jr

rooty jr

task: the original purpose of this site was to give my wife ruthie (girlfriend at the time) a birthday image web site as a surprise. it started out as a very short term project. happily we got married and it has expanded greatly as a family site.

solution: this site has been sorta my testing ground for new techniques i learn from time to time. there are flash galleries, css hover galleries and acronym hovers. it was the first site i tried to design that was totally tableless. to date it has over 1100 images. i have also put my illustrator "fun" sketches on the site that i like to create.

note: rooty jr. is a nickname i gave ruthie one night at an ihop. long story. yes, that's my rooty jr. in the css image hover from page eight on the site. quite a cutie.

the themes section of the rooty jr site a flash gallery of a trip to boston

click to enlarge - then next

the themes page has become this huge repository of galleries, with a total image count currently of 892 images.

the second image is of one of the flash galleries made with free software called simpleviewer. at first i was creating each image and each pop up page for the enlargement by hand. this soon got to be too slow, so i had to come up with alternatives like simpleviewer and css hover image galleries.

i like both of these techniques and mix and match them on this page, but the css hover image galleries are great because you don't ever have to leave the page to see all the photos. check out the site and you will see what i mean.