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joie de deux

joie de deux

task: re-design web site for a man and wife musical duo. he plays the cello and she plays the violin.

solution: the project had many aspects. the client decided to add a section for his business teaching cello lessons. that required a new section to be added to the site that includes a flash audio player and quicktime video full length movies.

note: tools used on the site included css, html, flash, quicktime, photoshop, fireworks, final cut pro and compressor.

note: the client has taken the site offline.

the joie de deux audio page

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on one of the pages of the lessons section of the site, i added 2 audio flash players containing 18 full length audio files.

the reason an audio flash player was chosen was twofold. it allowed us to have the tracks very quickly play without waiting for the entire audio file to download, plus gave the client full security preventing the audio files from being downloaded from the browser.