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this was a site that was re-designed in late 2006 or early 2007. i was heavily involved in the design of this site including content, header, graphics and navigation. (site taken offline by client)

this was the first databased site launched back sometime in summer of 2007. a lot was learned from building this site, some of which was totally changed in what was fondly call version 2.0 of the stores. (site taken offline by client)

an older site that was databased and re-designed around oct. 2007. (site taken offline by client)

another new databased site launched around sept. 2007. (site taken offline by client)

an older site that was databased and re-designed around nov. 2007.

this site was brand new for the company and sells custom built trailers. it is databased and came online around nov. 2007. i also designed a few small flash pieces for this site to show off the different trailers. (site taken offline by client)

a totally new site to land customers from the eBay store that came online around dec. 2007. it was designed around a flash widget from eBay that showed our store and auction products. this store was totally my baby from design to finish. (site taken offline by client)

this was a small project the boss asked me to do in early 2007. i designed the upper portion in illustrator and then inserted it into a css/html designed page. (site taken offline by client)

about these sites: these are web sites i worked on as part of a team during my employment with, an auto industry e-commerce company in arlington, tx.

this was a great job where i got to hone my coding (css and html) skills and design skills 8 hours a day all week.

note: i have shown what i consider to be the sites representative of what the company as a whole did. the team i worked with designed the full look of the sites, dealt with all the data, css, html, ftp issues and lots more. we had a member of the team that specializes in php that developed the interaction with the database while i mostly interacted with the css, html and graphics end.

note: the last site here was a pet project that my boss had me develop for cellphone ringtones.

hitchfinder stores logo

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this is a new logo i created for to promote an email campaign. the concept was to create an umbrella organization for a number of their web sites as a branded entity. that way we could send customers to all of the stores from one place, such as email or from a coupon on another web site. the name, design and concept was all mine.

the logo was very well liked, but has been retired because the company was sold a few years back.