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semler appraisal

semler appraisals

task: update site created in microsoft front page by client and retain the ability of the client to still do her own updates using front page.

solution: this site needed a complete overhaul...navigation was simplified, a cleaner look created, plus an entire new section of archives for newsletters was created.

update: the client has refreshed the site with new design.

header and navigation content section

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this was one of the earliest sites i ever worked worked on. in fact, it was way back when i was a student that i worked on semler appraisals.

it was a real challenge to try and weed through the horrible mess of code that microsoft front page created. this took a very long time, but i cleaned out all the front page code and re-designed the site using the original content.

then we added a bunch more content in the form of written articles on the subject of appraisals.

it was pretty old school with lots of tables, compared to the sort of design i currently do, which is mostly css and div based.