web design site


task: client had a ten year old site built with frames and wanted a new site they would be able to update.

solution: used wordpress to create a site that the client could update with staff, that included secure web forms and an online ordering system that would not transmit the data over email.

note: tools used for the site were adobe fireworks, wordpress and javascript for sections that swap out every time you refresh the page. the site has been redone recently, but the logo design we created is till being used.

this is a slideshow of four images of client testimonials, each of which when clicked leads to a page with the client video this is a vector graphic created to replace an older one that had a photo of a huge outdated crt monitor i created a custom graphic for the video skin

Click to enlarge - then next

this was a redesign for the client and he wanted a crisp updated look.

another goal was to have many short video's with the client talking about his specialty areas.

we also spent quite a bit of time creating a pdf tutorial with many illustrations for updating the backend wordpress admin that his novice staff could use in updating the site.