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web site projects created using combinations of...

  • css
  • skEdit (i prefer it to dreamweaver)
  • cssEdit 2 (css pro styling app)
  • html
  • adobe photoshop
  • adobe fireworks
  • adobe illustrator
  • transmit (file transfer - ftp)
advertisement front side advertisement back side

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the above image is from a print advertisement i designed for it is an insert that was included with the invoice with each of the shipments from the warehouse. the logo for the "hitchfinder stores" is a logo i created and the company adopted for special use, like in this advertisement.

the front is a discount coupon for use in the next purchase.

the back side features some new products for the company, the contact phone number and five of their web site addresses.

note: the company has since been sold and pieced out, so the logo is no longer being used.