web design
the process

the process

what we provide to the client

  • initial consultation - fact gathering meeting
  • timeline - a fair assessment on the length of the design-to-live-site process
  • design comps - custom site design & layout in graphics program with at least 2 design variations
  • site navigation - graphical layout of the navigation of the site
  • logo insertion - client supplied or designed-from-scratch insertion and integration of company logo
  • image insertion - client supplied or custom imagery
  • browser compatibility - testing in different browsers to ensure the design is stable
  • os compatibility - testing in mac os and pc operating systems
  • preview location - online site/area where the design can be previewed "live" to review changes
  • file prep - file naming conventions, optimization of sizes and correct directory structure
  • search engine assistance
  • hosting & domain name/registration help - decide which type of server will best fit your needs
  • easy to understand contract with payment requirements

we bring to the table excellent customer service, a detail minded work philosophy and aggressive attention to detail & deadlines.

what you can provide

in the development of a personal or business web site, the client should keep in mind that the process will be helped if the client prepares ahead of time. these areas should be researched prior to hiring the web site designer to minimize costs...

gather material about the site
  • choosing a site name & domain name (the name)
  • physical location/maps if needed
  • history & description
  • contact info/names/phone numbers/addresses/email addresses
  • logo
  • graphics
  • slogan
  • mission statement
  • marketing materials
  • keywords appropriate to the site (for search engines)
  • the target audience
  • what you want the site to do for you
  • any special colors you want to include
  • any special needs your audience might have
  • what hosting company will be used/gather user names & passwords
  • sites that might have the look you want
  • other sites that do well what you want
  • site navigation styles you like

doing all or any of these will help the site designer be more efficient and will lower the cost to the client.

the process image

this is a general outline of services rendered when creating a typical web site.

the requirements for your site might be less involved or more involved than this. it is just a general guide to the process.