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my name is dennis m. guten. i live in plano, texas with my wonderful wife ruthie. our 3 sons josh, david and jon are now grown up and not living with us anymore.

ruthie is my partner in our web design business. she specializes in creating wordpress sites and customized graphics, while i use html and css for custom sites and wordpress for other sites.

ruthie's background and training are in other fields such as civil engineering and health coaching. her website and graphics training knowledge base started with instruction from me and ruthie has run with it and soaked in much higher levels of site design training from attending local meetings on wordpress, search engine optimization and social media and learning online. you can visit her main website, and find out more.

i have always been interested in design and creative outlets. when i was in high school i was into drafting and architecture, in college interior design and i went back to college to get an additional degree in web design.

projects are developed using industry standard tools like adobe photoshop, illustrator, fireworks, css, html, javascript and flash. i know how to modify some php so i have a tiny bit of php in my current projects.

for most of my projects, unless the client requests or we are modifying a wordpress theme framework, templates are not used as a design tool. i avoid the cookie-cutter look so common to many web sites this way. instead i custom design a site that fits your needs and is tailored to your specific business.

the gushin family allie and tasha

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the gushin family

our family all trying to give the "gushin family look".

it is sometimes difficult to try and balance work and family time. i value my family, to me it is the reason you strive to be a success in your work. having a good family life is a good recipe to having a good work life too. try and remember that when you decide what to do as a career and happiness will be less elusive.