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hobo composition of hands the teeth of an earth mover


starfish a red sky pelicans a close up of a bee a fish jumping shark in tank a tiny branch a small branch with leaves


allie in the bath


a museum in seattle waterfall sunset off the oregon coast tree and house off the oregon coast looking up at apartment footbridge high bridge lighthouse


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i have been involved in photography for many decades and have professional canon SLR equipment both in film and digital. i can create unique photos tailored to your web site that will enhance the appearance and message you wish to put forth.

i can service your photography needs for your web site if needed with...

  • creative photography
  • product photography
  • royalty free photos - you get the copyright to photos
  • photo restoration
  • photo manipulation
the gush image

yup, that's me. well, actually 5 of me. this was a totally in-camera created image on film. no photoshop involved here.

it was pretty easy to create actually. i set it up in a hallway with the camera mounted on a tripod. my camera has a wireless remote, which i used to trigger a 10 second long shutter release. i turned the light in the hallway off, released the shutter and then manually popped off a burst on a handheld flash unit.

this flash recycles very quickly and i moved slightly every 2 seconds while doing another flash every 2 seconds also. see, not too difficult.