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the sled

task: video a fun afternoon with my brother-in-law and my two nieces sledding.

solution: this short video was filmed with my mini dv video camera just for fun one cold winter afternoon. it was edited in imovie on my mac.

note: this clip (1.7mb) starts off with a black screen. just click the little triangle to start it..

the sled ride

the sled was one of the first video projects i shot with my new canon mini-dv camera. it was a breeze editing it in imovie and fun learning the mac program.

imovie has nowhere near the control and customization of adobe premiere, but it is a good program for casual video editing.

no, the snow was not really blue. i guess if i had known a bit more about using the camera i would have chosen the correct video mode to shoot in for this type of scene.