web design

affordable web design

my main goal for pricing is that it is fair and uncomplicated. i will keep detailed and accurate records of all my time worked and turn that over to the client with each invoice.

hourly fee structure

html/css/navigation/content formatting/illustration/logo design/image processing - $40.00 per hour

flat fee structure

simple html/css 1-page site - $195 (graphics heavy sites by quote)

additional pages - $60 per page (graphics heavy sites by quote)

logo design - $200 base (complicated design is quoted by design requirements)

illustration - quoted by requirements

forms (up to 15 input options) - $65 per form

photography - quoted by requirements

if a client's needs are difficult to determine or the design more complex, the project may lend itself better to hourly pricing to better rein-in costs for the client.

affordable image

hourly or fee based?

a difficult question indeed. i feel the best way for me to determine this answer is to meet with the client for that initial consultation and gain as much knowledge of the client and the project as i can so i can decide which method is best for both of us.

i do find that i personally work better with clients on an hourly basis. this usually benefits the client because they can monitor the expense better and i can try and keep within the budget better this way too.

about 90 - 95% of my clients choose the hourly option.